General Conditions of Sale

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General conditions of sale of Best Imaging Web Web Agency Specialized in SEO



A. Best Imaging Web established 28 rue Estelle Chaudron, 6110 Montigny-le-Tilleul, hereinafter referred to as Best Imaging Web, agrees to create a Website intended for use on the Internet for the client.


A. Best Imaging Web will be responsible for the design and programming of the website.

B. Site description: The site will generally meet the criteria stipulated on the order form.

C. The customer declares to have sufficient knowledge of the meaning of the technical terms contained in this contract.

D. The customer is aware of the variable - even intermittent - nature of Internet technology.


A. This contract takes effect on the day of signature.

B. The customer must provide all the elements necessary for the creation of the site within the deadlines appearing on the order form or failing this as soon as possible. Any delay may result in an extension of the delivery time for the customer's website.

C. Delivery times are given for information only and do not bind Best Imaging Web. Exceeding delivery times cannot result in termination of the contract. In the event of a delivery deadline exceeded by Best Imaging Web, the date of end of the contract will be postponed by a period equivalent to the delay attributed to Best Imaging Web. No other compensation can be claimed.


A. For the services described in this contract and its addenda, the client will remunerate Best Imaging Web for the work carried out in accordance with the price offer appearing on the order form signed by the client and Best Imaging Web.

B. CLAIMS: To be valid, all complaints must be sent in writing to the head office of Best Imaging Web within eight days of receipt of the invoice. If no complaint is registered within this period, the work and delivery are considered to be fully accepted by the customer. Any problem invoked by the client concerning an addition or part of the work carried out does not authorize him to suspend payment for the work completed.

C. PAYMENT: Unless written agreement from Best Imaging Web, payment for services rendered must be made within 15 days from the date of invoicing. Any delay in payment will result in an increase, ipso jure and without prior notice of 12% l year, increased by a fixed and irreducible indemnity of 15% with a minimum of € 50.


A. Best Imaging Web declines all responsibility in the event of a service interruption or loss of data caused by an Internet service provider having no direct link with it. Similarly, with regard to the hosting of the client's website or the e-mail service, Best Imaging Web cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by a temporary interruption of the services of its suppliers.


A. Unless otherwise agreed, any computer code written for use by the client will remain the property of Best Imaging Web until full payment of the invoices relating to the creation of the website.

B. Once the entire amount of the invoices has been paid, the transfer of intellectual property takes place. Unless otherwise agreed, Best Imaging Web may nevertheless advertise the website as a reference.


A. Both the customer and Best Imaging Web agree not to disclose confidential information, including and without limitation access codes and passwords, financial information, billing data and information on the hardware, software and service.


A. The customer confirms that the material used or supplied to Best Imaging Web for use is not illegal and does not in any way violate the rights of third parties.

B. Best Imaging Web guarantees that the software and elements created and supplied to the client respect the rights of third parties and are not illegal.

C. The customer is solely responsible for the content or the data provided associated with his site. The customer will indemnify Best Imaging Web in the event of complaints from third parties concerning the use they have made of the site created by Best Imaging Web.

D. Best Imaging Web will not be held responsible for damage incurred by a customer as a result of a site modification made by the customer or an Internet user or anyone outside the staff of Best Imaging Web.

E. In the event that this site is developed in the context of the launch by the client of a new activity, and this in order to take advantage of the Internet channel, it goes without saying that the client is solely responsible for the marketing and development. and the growth of this new activity.

Best Imaging Web acts only as an adviser and technical service provider, and can in no way be held responsible if the marketing, development or growth of the activity does not achieve the results hoped for by the client .

F. In the event that a grant request file is submitted, Best Imaging Web only acts as a facilitator in the constitution of said file. As the decision to grant the subsidy rests exclusively with the competent body, Best Imaging Web cannot in any case be held responsible for any unfavorable outcome

G. Best Imaging Web does not guarantee the results of the referencing of the website. As such, the agency is only bound by an obligation of means.


A. See general BIWhost condition

X. Video and Photo

A. The photo and video reports as well as the assembly will be invoiced in half-days and the photo retouching by the piece. The image authorizations for taking pictures inside the company (staff and customers) intervene in the responsibility of the customer.


A. This contract is valid until the site is completed or, where applicable, until the client terminates the annual contracts.

Unless otherwise stated, any annual contract is automatically renewable by automatic renewal unless written termination by one or the other party 1 month before the anniversary date of renewal. Best Imaging Web can automatically adjust its prices according to the index as published in the Belgian monitor.

B. The customer can only cancel a firm order with the agreement of Best Imaging Web and subject to compensation for the damage suffered, estimated by agreement at least 40% of the amount stated on the order form, unless Best Imaging Web does not opt ​​for forced execution, without prejudice to any damages. The customer may at any time and without justification or notice request the cancellation or termination of the service. No interruption cancels the outstanding receivables, the costs related to the services and products ordered during the interruption will remain entirely due.


A. All costs relating to the recovery of the customer's claims by legal means will be recovered from the customer.

B. Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale is subject to Belgian law.

Document traduit - officiel en french

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