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Ways to Improve the Visibility of Your Business

The 3 types of organic rankings : SEO / SMO / VSEO


First, the most important the SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires good writing practices, experience-use, code and security.

Then The SMO or Social Media Optimization regroups all your actions on the various social networks, press, directories and forums.

And finally the VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization on YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and videos are now present in the searches of certain Google queries.

You just need a good strategy and take time regularly.
We can help you put these good practices in place.

SEO Audit - Analysis of your website

Perform an audit of your natural referencing

Audit SEO Basic

  • SEO / Code / Structure analysis

  • Our non-detailed opinion
  • * 1 analysis per year per website

Audit SEO Company

  • SEO / Code / Structure analysis

  • A detailed report
  • Tips for your developer

Audit SEO Pro

  • SEO / Code / Structure analysis
  • Google Analytics / Webmaster / Trends
  • A detailed report
  • Tips for your developer

How to improve your natural indexing ?

The 6 important rules to reach the "Pole Position"


The structure of the site

One of the priority elements for Google! Your website and the URLs of the different pages must be clear, concise and structured. One page per department, structured into chapters and sub-chapters using structuring tags: nav, h1, h2, h3, h4, p ...


The content of the pages

The content must include information intended for a targeted audience and respond in a relevant manner to their needs. The attractive editorial style illustrated, followed by different concrete examples will increase the interest of readers.



Links to quality sites dealing with subjects similar to yours are welcome. Google prioritizes the quality of sites over their quantity. We need links that come mainly from complementary services to yours


Time to load pages

Google will better reference a page that displays quickly, The user experience is always much better when your pages load quickly. 53% of internet users give up if the loading time is more than 3 seconds!


“https” for security proof

It is essential to signify the secure aspect on site, few websites take the time to implement this protocol from the SSL certificate to go to https. This prevents people from running away from your site.


Optimization via social networks

The number of people who share your content on social networks and the influence of their content now has a direct impact on the indexing of this content on Google. So you have to interact with your community.

Different SEO Campaigns

SEO / SMO / VSEO where to start?

There are many techniques for increasing the number of clicks exponentially.

Each sector of activity has its own strategy based on these prospects, products, services and competitors.


SEO campaigns: Acquire more and more visitors to your website

After 5 years we have worked on numerous SEO campaigns, here are some examples ...

SEO structure: Tree structure of your website

For several reasons, the structure of your website will play a crucial role in the dedicated traffic generated on your website:

  1. Allows search engines to read your site more efficiently.
  2. Highlighting your flagship services and products.
  3. Categorization of your products for catalogs and e-commerce.

It is not imperative but we advise to do this work before designing your website:

  1. To have a structure of your pages that allows you to integrate titles and subtitles.
  2. In order to target the products or services you want to sell and create optimized pages.
  3. Implementation of sales by research of categories, brands, publishers, suppliers ...

The SEO structure makes it possible to obtain relevant pages that can be read by search engine robots.


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Contenu SEO : Contenu pour le référencement

The content of your site must be sufficient and oriented for the search engines to highlight it. You must have the best content that could respond in a relevant way to the search of the surfer.

We suggest improving your texts by optimizing the lexical fields so that the search engines understand the content better and better:

    1. Optimization of titles in order to obtain more relevant titles.
    2. Grouping of key expressions without lexical separation,
    3. Optimization of large queries and questions.

We also suggest that you write your content for yourself ...

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SEO Trends: Followed Google Trends & Co.

Research lexical fields revolving around your products and services. Use of suggestion tools for keywords, expressions, questions and voice expression.

Analysis of research carried out by Internet users to determine synonyms and expressions generating traffic on Google, Youtube and Bing.

After analysis, revision of the content in order to follow the search trends of Internet users.

Example to know if in Belgium, you must use the expression "game store" or "game store". How people think when they apply

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SEO code: Code optimization

Code and media work

  1. Image optimization.
  2. Deletion of obsolete codes.
  3. Improvement of the code in place.

Purpose of the actions are:

  1. Reduce page load time.
  2. Improve the display of all media.
  3. Secure your website.
  4. Make it accessible to the visually impaired.



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User Experience: UX and Conversion


Work on user behavior on your website:

  1. How long do they stay?
  2. How is the navigation going?
  3. Ease of use?
  4. Abandoned cart? Why?
  5. Do users feel good about your site? Does it inspire confidence?
  6. Is the sales funnel respected?

Purpose of the actions is to facilitate the use of your site, so that the user can easily do the desired actions:

  1. Purchase product
  2. Make an appointment
  3. Contact
  4. Fill out a form
  5. Request a quote

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Optimisation SEO : Position face à la concurrence

Work on the positions that your site obtains compared to your competitors on Google:

  1. Identification of the competition and good practices used by those who stand out most in research.
  2. Work on broad queries including adjectives, brands, supplier, places ...
  3. Work on the medium and local positioning of your products and services

The various modifications at this level are to be done with tweezers.

You have to test the algorithm's reactions, take the time to study the behavior.

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Free professional SEO analysis tools

We were disappointed with a lot of paid SEO analysis tools!
we put free powerful SEO tools at your disposal

Seorch - SEO analysis tool
GTmetrix: Optimization analysis of the loading of your site
Info Analysis: SEO and security report of your site
Siteliner: Find duplicate content, broken links ...
Copyscape: Trouver du contenu en dupliqué sur d'autres sites
Compress JPEG: Reduces the weight of images
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