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Green studio video studio rental in our offices

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Why have a corporate film?

Youtube is now one of the most used research sites. 90% of internet users use it to research products or companies that they will trust.


An original corporate video with a simple, clear and precise message

In order to better understand your needs, all stages of production are done in Belgium and as far as possible in Charleroi


A corporate video and advertising spot for all budgets?

In conclusion, your video is an advertisement with content that strengthens the consumer's link with your brand. No need for special effects to make the customer want to trust you, we can also work on a low budget while keeping the objective.

Green Background Video Studio Rental in Charleroi

Professional video studio and photo equipment with or without service providers

From studio rental to the complete production of your video ...

We offer to rent our video studio including a green "green key" background and phto white "white key" background, as well as professional lighting available included in the offer.

Rental of the studio by time slot from 160 euros ex. VAT:

Minimum 4 hours, we offer 3 time slots + some flexibility.

Size of the studio 60m² (650x950x265)

Green key: 47.7m³

  • Floor: 18m² (5.7m * 3.3m)
  • Height: 2.65m
  • Green background, ceiling, and sides
  • Back camera: 5 meters

A complete green background studio including:

  • A Total Green Key
  • Five hallogenic spots
  • Two Flash Ello Quant 250
  • A removable white background
  • Two daylight lamps
  • Two white umbrellas

Address: Rue de la Providence 134, 6030 Charleroi


Videos produced by Coal Prod or Square Focus

From corporate videos to interviews, music videos and reports


Square Focus


Coal Prod
Labitsh Tashat


Strike Video Concept
Urban Carolo Rallye Télévie 2018


Square Focus


Coal Prod


Strike Video Concept
Job On Business Club


Square Focus
Panos - Plaisir


Coal Prod


Strike Video Concept
Donnons la parole aux carolos


Square Focus
Métiers Techniques - Garagiste


Strike Video Concept
Le retour du Baptou

How to create a corporate video ?

Surround yourself with a confirmed team, made up of professional and competent service providers

Corporate film is the heart of our business.
However, whatever the nature of your audiovisual project, we will provide the right tools to bring your ideas to life.

Support for your video project:

We take charge of the project from the idea, we will try to format the video that will allow you to reach your communication objectives.

Shooting of the different scenes of the corporate film:

In a second step, we will start shooting the video. According to the needs of this one we will move in your premises or in decorations rented for the occasion, in all Belgium, to see the whole world.

Post Production: Editing of sequences:

Then comes the assembly stage during which the project will complete its maturation.
Throughout the creative process, we listen to your views and keep your goals in mind in order to to best meet your expectations.

Corporate video creation

Depending on the needs inherent in the production of your corporate film, we have a fleet of equipment and various post-production workstations.

In addition, we regularly work with different partners for specific technical needs.

How to make your video visible on Youtube and Google?

A cheaper and more effective broadcast than TV advertising

The landscape has changed a lot in recent years on the internet. If your objective is to give more visibility to your business through the use of the video tool, you will have to stand out.

Indeed, it is possible that your competitors or companies whose services that are sometimes distant or complementary to your activity obscure the efforts made to promote your business.

This is why we offer VSEO solutions, in other words video referencing.

Tracking that can dramatically increase the reach of your audience.

Concerning promotional films and advertising videos, we can set up their distribution via advertising management.

Quel est le prix d'une vidéo d'entreprise ?

La vidéo d'entreprise, un véritable outil d’information et de prospection

Video Production

Creation of Videos and Animations: from 600 €

    • Scenario - Storyboard: 250 €
    • Shooting: 300 € half-day
    • Editing: 300 € half-day
    • Voice-over: 70 € per minute of recording
    • Modification or Musical creation: 300 € per music
    • Animation: 350 € per day

* half-days are possible in the contract
* excluding travel costs
It is preferable to establish a quote before delivery

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Partners for our video creations

Thanks to these two very different companies, we can meet all your expectations

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